iQ Surface

Brand: Tarkett

iQ Surface vinyl flooring collection is an innovative solution for the designer or architect. The colors of the collection invite combinations of light and dark tones, ideal for spaces where designers are trying to create the best experience for their customers by strengthening the hospitality and merchandising segments. With the Surface Wall, you can use the iQ Surface collection on walls to create a complete décor in your projects. At just 2mm thick, Tarkett iQ carries the lifetime performance of homogeneous vinyl and can withstand years of continuous use with no degradation in appearance.

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- Health and Aged Care
- Education
- Merchandising
- Accomodation
- Office and Business

• Product type: Homogeneous poly (vinyl chloride) flooring, Heavy Duty Wall Covering
• Total thickness: 2mm
• Total weight: 2800 g/m², 3400 g/m²
• Wear layer thickness: 2 mm
• Surface protection: New iQ PUR, PU SHIELD