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C² Lithium Silicate Liquid Surface Hardener

Brand: C² Crete Colors

C² Super Hard ™ is a surface hardener and thickener developed for concrete floors and is a much more effective new generation of conventional sodium and potassium silicate serifiers. This patented lithium silicate application reacts in the concrete and forms calcium silicate hydrates that are insoluble in the voids in the concrete. Conventional hardeners contain a high concentration of sodium and potassium salt, which in turn triggers the formation of ASR on the upper surface causing deterioration of the concrete. C² Super Hard ™ treated floors are resistant to water and ground wear, preventing dusting and facilitating maintenance. C² Super Hard ™ can also be used in hardened concrete applications where no polishing, etching or scraping applications are required. Similarly, this product can be applied in new poured concrete, wet or chemically cured or cast concrete for 28 days. C² Super Hard ™ can also be applied to concretes that have already begun to decompose or become dusted, previously applied in sodium or potassium hardeners.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Industrial Floors, Automotive Sector, Parking Lots, Shopping Centers, Educational Institutions


Lithium silicate


FORM: Clear liquid in the form of water
pH: 11.0
WEIGHT / GAL: 8.6 lbs
FLASHING POINT: Non-flammable
VOC CONTENT: <20 g / lt
SHELF LIFE: 1 year in unopened package from factory

4Quality Assurance Certificates

SCS, ISO 9001 quality and warranty certificates - CE, LEED, NSF ve BREEAM certificates.