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About the Product

Besides its health benefits, cork flooring also has some practical benefits. Due to its thermal qualities, cork has an insulating effect. Thus, you can easily reduce your heating costs and make your budget adjustments for the next summer vacation. Cork provides pleasant and consistent warmth to your feet. Combined with underfloor heating, your feet will never feel cold again. In addition, cork flooring offers excellent sound insulation.

Cork floor is a versatile product. It has a solid, durable and easy-to-clean surface. Since the cork floor is antistatic, it quickly prevents the accumulation of dirt. A vacuum cleaner and brush are sufficient in most cases to make your floor shine again. In case of larger contamination, it may be appropriate to wipe it with a mop. Moist cleaning of the cork floor can also be handled absolutely without any problems. The varnish provides optimum protection to your cork flooring and makes it extremely easy to clean. In addition, the polishing process extends the life of the floor and creates natural matte surfaces. It is highly recommended as a cleaning agent, especially for ecologically conscious homes.

There is no need for professional help to equip the rooms of your house with cork flooring. The multi-layer structure makes the cork floor stable and durable and makes the surface laying process quite easy. You don't even need a specific tool for this. Just like with interlocking parquet, the floorboards are inserted on the long side and then clamped with a little force on the short sides. You can easily lay your floor and enjoy the cork's wellness and step softness. Cork floor can be used even immediately after it is laid.

Product Dimensions:
• 600 x 300 mm
• 915 x 305 mm
• 620 x 450 mm
• 915 x 305 mm
• 1235 x 200 mm
• 1235 x 305 mm

Product features:
• Thermal insulation
• Use of Recyclable Raw Materials
• Durable
• Underfloor Heating
• Easy to Maintain