Brand: Bien

Matte surfaces, solid colors, natural tones… Simplicity and elegance come together with the Concept Collection. Drawing attention with its square and rectangular forms, the collection is an ideal choice for creating natural looking spaces.

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Indoor and outdoor spaces

• Size: 120x180cm - 60x120cm - 60x60cm - 30x60cm
• Breaking Strength (≥7.5 mm): Min. 1300 N
• Breaking Strength (<7.5 mm): Min. 700 N
• Flexural Strength: Min. 35 N / mm2
• Crash Resistance: Durable
• Thermal Shock Resistance: Durable
• Cracking Resistance: Durable
• Frost Resistance: Durable
• Resistance to Staining: At least class 3
• Acid / Alkali Resistance: At least class GLB - GHB
• Resistance to Household Chemicals: At least class GB
• Abrasion Class: At least II