San Deco Microcement is a smooth, cement-based and polymer coating system that can be applied on wet areas, floor and wall surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications.

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Indoor and outdoor; It can be applied on wet surfaces, floors, walls, stairs, facades, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture.
Sandeco microcement system is designed for areas suitable for medium pedestrian traffic. It can be easily applied especially in residential, office and commercial areas that meet these conditions.

• Easy to clean.
Minimum thickness (1-2mm)
• It has excellent adhesion properties.
• Creates holistic surfaces without joints.
• Thanks to its excellent adhesion capacity, it can be applied on cement, concrete, plastic, marble, drywall and even smooth ceramic surfaces.
• It is applied manually, and this feature creates a unique character in each skin.
• Ideal for quick renovation projects as it does not require removing existing surfaces.
• Has a short application time; rubble does not create demolition and does not require a building license.

CE, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001