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Microbeton | Fluoropal M Flex

Brand: Flooropal

It is a two-component micro-concrete, which is made of special cements, filling materials, binders and chemical additives, and can be applied to moving floors thanks to its flexibility. It can be applied in 4-15 mm thickness.

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About the Product
1Application Area

FLOOROPAL M FLEX is applied in new constructions and floors that need renewal. It is an ideal material for showrooms, shops or public areas that need to be completed or renovated very quickly, although its application area is mostly industrial and storage facilities where high abrasion and pressure resistance is required and subject to heavy loads and traffic. It should be preferred especially on floors with high risk of cracking.


• FLOOROPAL M FLEX is a flexible concrete; This feature ensures that it is less affected by movements, cracks and vibrations that may come from the subfloor.
• FLOOROPAL M FLEX enables industrial floors to be renewed by covering them with a long-lasting, high-strength and dust-free micro CONCRETE without experiencing significant level problems.
• FLOOROPAL M FLEX is applied quickly, allowing the application area to be put back into use quickly. Under normal conditions, it can be walked on 2 - 3 hours after the application is completed and it is opened for light load traffic after 24 hours and heavy load traffic after 7 days.
• FLOOROPAL M FLEX is used without covering. It can be colored if desired. Transparent or colored epoxy paint should be applied on it in food and health sectors where anti-bacterial properties are sought.
• FLOOROPAL M FLEX combines fast curing, mechanical resistance and self-leveling properties with low shrinkage.
• MICROBETONS are classified as ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY “GREEN” products, as they are produced by using industrial by-products with hydraulic binder at a rate of at least 25% instead of cement, and do not contain toxic additives.