Desso Essence

Brand: Tarkett

Built with versatility in mind, robust and highly functional, DESSO Essence serves as the building block in a portfolio of four rug collections designed to fit seamlessly together. DESSO Essence tiles come in 31 powerful refreshing colors integrated throughout the DESSO Essence Maze, DESSO Essence Structure and DESSO Essence Stripe series. This means that specifiers can more effectively combine complementary warm and cool neutral colors, injecting dark intermediate colors – including everything from teal to burgundy – as well as exploring interesting pattern interventions from this right product family. The building block of the range, DESSO Essence is a remarkably simple floor solution – offering affordable excellence and endless creative scope for commercial interiors.

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- Accomodation
- Office and Business

• Product type: Textile floor coverings
• Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
• Local classification: 23 Heavy

ISO 14001