Desso AirMaster Savera

Brand: Tarkett

DESSO AirMaster Savera collection offers an inspiring, flexible and sustainable way to significantly reduce harmful fine dust particles in the workplace. Available in plank format, the standard AirMaster series is future-proof, adaptable and sustainable. DESSO AirMaster Savera is designed for use with the DESSO AirMaster Savera Shade collection. The six flat shades of AirMaster Savera blend perfectly with the six transition colors of AirMaster Savera Shade. With this series, designers have endless combinations at their disposal to create the effect they envision.

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- Health and Aged Care
- Education
- Merchandising
- Accomodation
- Office and Business
- Sport and Fitness

• Product type: Textile floor coverings
• Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
• Local classification: 23 Heavy

ISO 14001