Tokyo Texture

Brand: Interface

Tokyo Texture is designed to help protect the future of the world and to reduce the carbon footprint of the spaces you create with your style. Embodied Beauty carpet tile collection with unique patterns; It is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of minimalism, renewal and the organic beauty of the natural world. Tokyo Texture has a CQuest™BioX base and is designed with a combination of special yarns and our weaving processes to create a carpet tile that stores more carbon than ever before. With Tokyo Texture, one of the products of the Embodied Beauty carpet tile collection, you can have calm, soft grays in warm and cold tones. Tokyo Texture, which has a linear design, attracts the attention of users by minimizing the damage to the environment thanks to its carbon negative feature. The Interface Tokyo Texture carpet tile product emphasizes that great design doesn't have to compromise sustainability, with its carbon neutral feature throughout its lifecycle as part of the Climate Take Back™ program. Tokyo Texture accompanies serene and self-organized living spaces with its minimal pattern.

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Office, financial institutions, health facilities, retail trade facilities, educational and recreational facilities

- Structure : Woven
- Surface Structure: Patterned Structured Loop Pile
- Fiber (Surface Thread): 100% Recyclable Solution Dyed Nylon
- Base Material: CQuest BioX
- Size - Package Quantity: 25 cm x 100 cm - 5m2/box
- Surface Weight: 407 g/m2
- Total Weight: 3365 g/m2
- Pile Height: 2,4mm
- Total Thickness: 6mm
- Loop frequency on the width: 47.2/10 cm
- Loop Density: 313,985 g/m2

Warranty Period: 15 years