Equal Measure

Brand: Interface

Tufted patterned structured loop tile. Equal Measure is inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets found all over the world, creating a sense of the familiar and the original at the same time. EM551 is a simple, low profile construction that has the appearance of a coarse woven fabric on the floor. The opposing construction is EM553, which has a rich geometric and reminds us of the cobble stones streets. EM552 is the transition tile. This is where the two other styles meet in a very natural way without abrupt transitions. The 25 x 100 cm format allows designers to create a transition that spans a large distance.

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Office, financial institutions, health facilities, retail trade facilities, educational and recreational facilities


- Made of 100% recycled yarn.
- Comfortable to maintain and has long service life.
- TacTiles® can be installed without the need of adhesive thanks to the glue-free flooring system.
- Easy to install, dismantle and replace.
- 15 years warranty.

ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 14040, ISO 14020, LEED, BRE, DGNB, HQE, EPD, GUT