Plank Carpet | Flotex Concrete

There are multiple differences between them and their competitors. The collection, which has a natural concrete look, takes its durability from nature. Press comfortably on your floors with this extraordinary product, which is as useful as it looks warm! You can find sophisticated style in this concrete-looking collection.

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Office and all working areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, movie theaters, waiting areas, hospitals, banks.


• Flotex Plank offers an extremely durable and slip resistant surface with 80 million nylon fibers per square meter.
• Flotex meets HSE's wet and dry gliding standards for use on flat and curved surfaces.
• Flotex is suitable for wet mechanical cleaning thanks to its waterproof base.
• Its structure, reinforced twice with glass wool, provides effective dimensional stability.
• Flotex flocked floor covering, thanks to its unique structure, has a stain repellent feature not found in any other textile floor covering. The 6.6 nylon fibers (flock) in its structure collect fine dust and allergens that can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
• It prevents mold and odor formation thanks to its technical and bacteriostatic properties.
• Dust and dirt accumulated on the tight nylon surface of Flotex can be cleaned daily with a vacuum cleaner. Also, for stubborn stains, a deep mechanical cleaning can be done using steam cleaning or a minimally conventional detergent. In short, even a simple cleaning process is sufficient for Flotex to retain its original appearance.
• Flotex's wide color palette and design ensures that it remains as bright and vibrant as the day it was laid.
• All paints and inks used to create Flotex are water-based. They do not undergo any chemical treatment other than high temperature steam treatment to preserve colors.
• Flotex uses waste collected from other Forbo production locations to transform it into the sub-base of floor coverings. In Flotex, recycled content can reach 67% of the total volume of the backsole.
• A big advantage of using Flotex is using a high performance floor covering that lasts up to 6 times the product lifespan of ordinary textiles.