Carpet Tile | Tessera teviot

The most popular low loop pile carpet tile in the UK with an application on 15 million square meters: Tessera Teviot! Suitable for all types of commercial installations, Teviot wear-resistant modular flooring can be used safely for the building and provides a modern look. Produced with 100% aquafil polyamide yarn, it has a wheelchair resistance score, and has the durability and durability required by heavy traffic conditions frequently seen in office and educational environments.

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Office and all working areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, movie theaters, waiting areas, hospitals, banks.


• Tile carpets with standard loop pile structure are designed to maintain a good view in places with high foot traffic such as building corridors and reception areas.
• The loop pile carpet tile texture offers you a distinctive, contemporary design and accompanying strong and durable style.
• Forbo Tessera carpet coverings are manufactured using polyamide (nylon) fibers to maintain their appearance and durability even in the busiest commercial environments.