Carpet Tile | Tessera cloudscape

Tessera Cloudscape loop pile carpet tiles offer a color progression ranging from dark to pale colors, ideal for a wide variety of applications and LRV requirements. Tessera Cloudscape is inspired by the ever-changing cloud formations and the rich spectrum of light and color that allow us to bridge and enrich the outside. Tessera Cloudscape can be mounted non-directional or monolithic.

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Office and all working areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, movie theaters, waiting areas, hospitals, banks.


• Tile carpets with standard loop pile structure are designed to maintain a good view in places with high foot traffic such as building corridors and reception areas.
• The loop pile carpet tile texture offers you a distinctive, contemporary design and accompanying strong and durable style.
• Forbo Tessera carpet coverings are manufactured using polyamide (nylon) fibers to maintain their appearance and durability even in the busiest commercial environments.