Carpet Roll | Flotex Metro Neon

Providing new design possibilities, Flotex Metro Neon series has 8 vibrant colors that offer design possibilities together with the standard Metro series.

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Office and all working areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, movie theaters, waiting areas, hospitals, banks.


• All paints and inks used to create Flotex are water-based. They are not subjected to any chemical process other than high temperature steam treatment to preserve the colors.
• Flotex uses waste collected from other Forbo production locations to turn it into the sub-base of floor coverings. Recycled content in Flotex can reach 67% of the total volume of the rear floor.
• A great advantage of using Flotex is to use a high performing floor covering for as long as 6 times the product life of ordinary textiles.
• Smooth straight fibers of Flotex, which is suitable for mechanical cleaning due to its waterproof bottom, do not trap dirt particles unlike the looped and twisted fibers in traditional carpets; thus, it provides easy removal of dirt during cleaning. Most dirt can only be removed with regular water.