Dip Galvanized Bolts and Nuts

Brand: Berdan Cıvata, Berdan Makine, BC, BM

Berdan Bolt produces according to a wide range of international norms (such as ISO, ASTM, ASME, BS, EN, TSE), technical drawings and mostly customer orders. It manufactures high-strength steel bolts, nuts and anchor bolts of all sizes in accordance with the quality requirements of standards.

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All sectors using bolts and studbolts

According to ASTM and ISO norms 4.6-5.8-10.9 and 12.9 strength grades 10.9 - 12.9 Quality 6 corner, risk of hydrogen fragility zero, immersion galvanized, electro-galvanized or zinc-plated bolts-nuts
Steel construction bolts, nuts and washers in accordance with DIN ISO 14399 and DIN 6914-6915-6916
Laboratory certified bolts, nuts, anchors, torque-controlled bolts, nuts (for steel bridges and segment type RES towers) accredited according to ISO EN 17025

TSE, ISO 9001, CE, GOST, TUCSAmark, ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, AD 2000W Certificate for Fasteners of Pressure Vessel and Boilers