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Sprinkler Fire Suppression System

It is one of the most widely used water quenching systems recently. According to statistical studies, 95% of the fires in buildings with automatic sprinkler systems were extinguished at the beginning stage. This system is a system that automatically activates when a fire occurs and extinguishes the fire or prevents it from spreading by spraying water on the flames.

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About the Product

Sprinkler systems used in buildings are examined in 2 groups as wet sprinkler system and dry sprinkler system.
Wet pipe sprinkler system is the type of system in which the water waits in the pipes ready to flow at any time. In this system, there is no waste of time since water flow will occur immediately. With the heat released when the fire occurs, it enables the sprinklers to be opened and the water sprayed. In the meantime, the wet sprinkler valve flap is opened and the system is fed with continuous pressurized water.