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Hood Extinguishing System

Today's kitchen systems constantly pose a risk of fire due to the flammable oils and the high amount of heat in the environment. The oil contained in the steam, which is removed from the environment by the ventilation system, accumulates in the hood, filter and ventilation channels. Electric and gas lines increase the fire risk of the area and in case of fire, these lines must be cut. The Livane hood extinguishing system protects all different risk areas and fulfills all side functions.

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About the Product

• An assembled and 100% tested control head ensures safe operation of input and output functions.
• Kitchen hood extinguishing systems can be installed in a way that does not interfere with the workflow of your kitchen thanks to its flexible piping configuration.
• Protective chrome nozzle covers protect the nozzle against dirt and oil clogging that will not prevent the extinguishing agent from discharging properly.
• 24-hour protection is provided with automatic detection and activation controls.
• With the manual activation system specific to the hood system, the system can be activated with the detection of the fire.
• Hood extinguishing is the most effective extinguishing agent in the industry. Thanks to the high pH formula, the fire is quickly extinguished and re-ignition is prevented.
• Pressurized steel tubes, hood is always ready to discharge the extinguisher in case of fire.
• Pressure gauge in extinguishing agent tube allows visual monitoring of hood fire extinguishing system status.
• Nozzle caps come off before extinguishing agent is discharged and do not obstruct the flow.
• Livane hood fire extinguishing system is offered in various sizes to meet your needs. Possible changes and extensions to be made in the kitchen are taken into consideration in the design of the system.
• Livane kitchen hood systems are designed, installed and maintained by Livane trained and certified technical staff.