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FM200 Gas Fire Extinguishing System

They are systems that comply with ISO 14520 standards, are colorless, odorless, can be used safely in places where people are present, do not leave waste after discharge and do not require cleaning, economical and space-saving, with a discharge time of 10 seconds and do not have electrical conductivity.

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Sprinkler system Fire protection
About the Product
1Application Area

It is used in all (a), (b), (c) class fires, not used in (d) class fires.

Areas required to work on a 24-hour basis:
- Bank data processing centers
- Air control centers
- High-risk data, process, etc. industrial rooms
Radar monitoring sites

Places where irreplaceable values and valuable documents of the past are stored:
- Areas where manuscripts are kept
- Areas where historical artifacts are preserved
- Precious archive rooms
- Crypto rooms etc.

Locations where equipment damage becomes significant in response to fire and / or water application:
- Telephone Switchboards
- Server etc. network system rooms
- Energy production centers control rooms
- Bank vaults, ATM systems, bank money transport vehicles
- Generator, compressor, ventilation units
- GSM link stations and cabinets
- Cable galleries
- Natural gas gas distribution stations


• Complies with ISO 14520 standards
Colorless, odorless and non-conductive
• It can be used safely in places where people are present
• Does not leave waste after discharge, does not require cleaning
• Alternative to the most widely used Halon 1301
• Economical and takes up little space
• Discharge time is 10 seconds
• There is no electrical conductivity