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Fire Foam Tank

It is a horizontal or vertical type diaphragm foam tank. Bladder tank; body made of carbon steel, diaphragm covered with Buna-N over nylon, level indicator made of transparent PVC, suitable apparatus for filling, filling and air release valves for foam and water sides, external moisture resistant red acrylic polyurethane coated, ASME It is designed and produced in accordance with the standard.

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Sprinkler system Foam fire extinguishing system
About the Product

• Cover and shell material is made of SA-516-70 material.
• Porous tubes are inserted internally for the complete expulsion of the concentrate.
• All adjustment ball valves have a bronze body with chrome plated ball and handle
• It works completely hydraulically, except for the balanced pressure proportioning system, it stores the foam without being dependent on the foam concentrate pump and the ratios, only pressurized water is needed for the system to operate.