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About the Product
1Application Area

It can be used in warehouses, warehouses-like structures or low hazard class structures, product warehouses, factory-like structures where very valuable materials are stored, where materials or sections with a high hazard class, which are likely to burn rapidly and with a significant amount of smoke.


• Fire alarm control panel
• Backup power supply (maintenance-free batteries)
• Replay panel
• Automatic fire detectors
• Manual call buttons
• Electronic horns
• Strobe warning lamps (flasher lamps)
• This installation will notify the fire by specifying the fire zone on the Fire Alarm Control Panel placed in the manufacturing office. The system will be fully electronic and microprocessor controlled, with necessary and sufficient number of document indicators. The alarm signal will be given by automatic fire detectors (smoke and heat) and fire alarm buttons. In the event of an alarm, electronic fire alarm horns will be activated automatically.