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About the Company

FGI is founded in 1997 and has started in 1998 as a local manufacturer of sectional doors. FGI has combined his power in 2002 with the 1955 founded Novoferm, one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, garage doors, loading systems, frames and operators for uses in the private, trade and industrial sectors with more than 2500 employees. 
FGI's policy is based on a simple principle: quality not quantity. It is its endeavor to offer the customers products that fulfil a maximum of quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at a minimum cost. That’s why FGI can also give generous long-term guarantees on products, of course, with exemplary service to go with them. FGI products take into account the customary requirements of the various countries and meet national standards and test regulations. Of course, FGI is certified to ISO 9001 and manufacture using the latest techniques whilst being considerate to the environment. Industry's plant in Sakarya, one of Europe's most modern production facility has been working as a local production center of the German Novoferm company in Turkey. At the same time GF Elektromaten with representatives of Turkey FGI, the door is self-produced and Motor gfa in addition to use Command Panels Elektromaten practitioners to drive solutions to end customers and markets. FGİ Door and Loading Technologies products, industrial facilities, hangars, logistic centers and warehouses, which are experienced in the sector and experienced in their field, serve public buildings.

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