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About the Product
1Application Area

For interiors, i-Mesh can be used as a divider in modern workspaces and contemporary offices, or on the ceiling to cover plants and diffuse light in a fascinating way.
It can also be applied as a wavy (or straight) screen due to its ability to react to light beams and moving graphics.
Outdoor, i-Mesh characteristics can be the solution as the best shading material. In fact, i-Mesh shading solutions allow seeing the sky without being dazzling.

2Quality Assurance Certificates

i-Mesh complies with different fire resistance standards: USA | Class A (ASTM-E84); AB | B-s1-d0 (EN ISO 11925-2: 2010); ITA | Classe 1 (UNI 9174: 1987 + A1: 1996 UNI 9176: 1998); CAN | FSR: 10 - SDC: 35 (CAN_ULC_S102_16-068B).
On request, i-Mesh can perform new tests to comply with local standards.