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CWA 50 TM - Curtain Wall System

Brand: Amanos

The perfect combination of comfort and attraction: the thermally insulated timber add-on construction CWA 50 TM for cover cap, semi cover cap and silicone curtain wall systems, offers attractive options for harmonious architectural solutions. System can be combined with natural wood substructures in wide facade openings. The thermally insulated timber add-on CWA 50 TM constructions represent the perfect combination of hi-tech features with attractive comfort. With the compatibility of Kayra Metal window and door insert units the system provides additional architectural freedom.

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About the Product
1Application Area

All building types


Wooden, Glass, Aluminum


Facade Front Width
• External view: 50 mm

Vertical-Horizontal Profile Depth
• Vertical Profile Depths: 80-100-120-140-160-180-200-220 mm
• Horizontal Profile Depths: 60-70-80-100-120 mm

Glazing Range
• Minimum Glass Thickness: 10 mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: : 32 mm

Profile Wall Thickness
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,6 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 2,2 mm

Glazing Method
• Silicone
• EPDM Gasket

Architectural Aesthetics
• The CWA 50 TM system, which is preferred especially in residences, adds value to thermal insulation in addition to its decorative feature.
• It is suitable for use of covered, twoside and fourside facade systems.
• It is a system which offers different applications in aesthetically different designs with its cover profiles.
• It is a facade system which can create a warm effect inside.

Manufacturing - Application Advantages
• Using the minimum amount of aluminum with the carrier wooden profile, aluminum cost is reduced while carrying the facade system, as well as providing an aesthetic image with wood.

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