CWA 50 - Curtain Wall System

Brand: Amanos

The CWA 50 facade system offers a variety of aesthetic solutions in different styles on horizontal and vertical lines in order to allow creativity. It also meets important technical requirements that improve the building’s living and working environment. For special architectural design concepts such as original surface covers or curved structures, the CWA 50 facade system offers customized solutions for every need. The facade system is compatible with other architectural systems, it allows the designer to offer a complete solution with infinite design freedom by providing the perfect integration of windows, doors and roof systems.

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All building types

Glass, Aluminum

Architectural Aesthetics
• Thanks to its 50mm profile width and integrated structure with door and window systems, it allows facade applications that do not deteriorate even in open vents.
• The minimum Uf value is 2.04 W / m²K.
• It is a modular system offering alternative opening options. Windows with structural vents and standard opening are possible.
• It is a facade system which can be used up to 32 mm thickness glazing, which is integrated with the system and with increased acoustic value with different options of isolator.

Water Tightness
• Thanks to the structure of condense channel of vertical profiles, water discharge performance has been increased.
• Vertical profile can be used in horizontal axles thanks to the special horizontal connection accessory. In this way the correct drainage path is created.

• With the security cover that creates a special silicone effect, the security level of the facade is increased. It also creates an aesthetic effect.
• It provides a wide range of vertical and horizontal profiles that provide all the static values needed to create secure facades.
• There is a system-specific security enhancing glass bridge option.

Facade Front Width
• External view: 50 mm

Vertical-Horizontal Profile Depth
• Vertical Profile Depths: 80-100-120-140-160-180-200 mm
• Horizontal Profile Depths: 60-85-105-125 mm

Glazing Range
• Vertical Profile Depths: 80-100-120-140-160-180-200 mm
• Horizontal Profile Depths: 60-85-105-125 mm

Profile Wall Thickness
• Minimum Glass Thickness: 6 mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: 32 mm

Glazing Method
• Silicone
• EPDM Gasket