Fiber Cement Curtain Wall System

Brand: Eternit Equitone

Colored fiber cement based curtain wall system with A2 class flame retardancy, designed by architects and for architects.

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Eternit Equitone series product line, which is produced with high density, self-colored and armored surface for exterior use, offers solutions to different design and color needs of the building in terms of curtain wall, as it is a curtain wall panel that is resistant to all different climate and weather conditions.

• Fire safety (no fire ignition, no spread of fire)
• Sound insulation
• Resistant to extreme temperatures and frost
• Water resistant (if conforming to application guidelines)
• Many living organisms (fungus, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.)
• Resistant to many chemicals
• Environmentally friendly, no harmful gas emissions
• Strong, rigid panels

Compliant with LEED and BREEAM certificates