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Mounting Tape | Normount V2800 Foam Tape

Brand: Saint Gobain

Normount V2800; It is a closed-cell black polyurethane tape with a very strong acrylic adhesive on both sides, specially developed to solve outdoor weather conditions and application problems. Thanks to this feature, it reaches the highest adhesion performance immediately after it is bonded. Its resistance to atmospheric conditions and UV rays is very high.

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Double-sided tape Thermal insulation material Sound insulation Waterproofing tape Adhesive tape
About the Product
1Application Area

- In the fields of construction and industry,
- Glass balcony systems,
- Adhesion of emblems, direction signs, name plates in the advertising sector,
- For installation on curtain walls,
- Bonding of balance leads and side bars in the automotive industry,
- In the top insulation of the truck frames,
- It is used in safety glass laminations.


• It has the ability to distribute the stress at the pressure points.
• Provides long-lasting performance with its durable, strong acrylic adhesive.
• It prevents the corrosion effect of different materials during contact with each other.
• Color: Black
• Thicknesses: 0.8 - 1.2 mm
• Width: The desired width can be cut.

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