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About the Product
1Application Area

VMZINC titanium zinc usage areas: Convex, concave, flat, dome-shaped facades, interior walls, suspended ceilings and sofites.
Architectural forms: Vaulted, radial, curved, amorphous, geodesic or origami surfaces.
Climates: Extremely aggressive areas, (salty seaside, mountain climate, places where corrosion and UV are high
Buildings: New construction, renovation and restoration


• Surfaces: AZENGAR® (Estampe matte) QUARTZ-ZINC® (smoked gray), ANTHRA-ZINC® (anthracite black) 4 different PIGMENTO® (wood bark, lichen green, ash blue, earth red) • Non-standard PIGMENTO® surfaces can also be made.
• Standard panel sizes: 200x3000 mm (easily sized)
• Material thickness: 0.7 mm
• Panel depth: 13 mm or 20 mm
• Average weight: 7.6 kg / m²
• Ventilation gap: min. 20 mm
• Mounting direction: from bottom to top. The substructure works opposite to the arrangement. It is mounted on a construction (vertical or horizontal according to the arrangement) with a maximum distance of 60 cm between the centers behind it with a screw or nail gun.
• Waterproof, long-lasting protection
• Lightweight structure and infrastructure
• Compatibility with all insulation materials
• Detail solutions with VMZ finishing accessories
• Quality-price-longevity balance
• Maintenance-free, self-cleaning material
• Ageless, non-aging surfaces

3Quality Assurance Certificates

EN 988, PREMIUMZINC, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001
Certificates: CE, LEED, BREEAM, HQE


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