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Titanium Zinc Roof and Facade Finish Details

Brand: VMZINC®

Brand: VMZINC® A total of 7 architectural patina surfaces with QUARTZ-ZINC® smoked gray, ANTHRA-ZINC® anthracite black, PIGMENTO® ash blue, earth red, lichen green, wood bark and now AZENGAR® estampe luminous surface. The advantages of VMZINC titanium zinc: Modern aesthetics, stylish - prestigious structures Compatible with the natural environment and all building elements (wood, brick, glass, etc.) Durability: average 100 years, Maintenance-free, rust-free and scratches self-healing Ideal for aggressive climates: Color Does not change, does not fade Recyclable, environmentally friendly sustainable structures * Patina, the protective layer formed by the reaction of the zinc surface with atmospheric elements from hydro-carbonate insoluble in water. All surfaces produced in VMZINC factories are conditioned and prepatented in natural environment.

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Dome roof
About the Product
1Application Area

VMZINC titanium zinc usage areas: Can be used on roof, facade and all waterproof detail finishes; titanium zinc eaves, titanium zinc forehead, titanium zinc windowsill, titanium zinc pigeonhole, titanium zinc parapet, titanium zinc coping, titanium zinc stream.
Architectural forms: Vault, dome, radial, curved, amorphous or flat-pitched roofs.
Climates: Extremely aggressive areas, (salty seaside, mountain climate, places where corrosion and UV are high
Buildings: New construction, renovation and restoration


Surfaces: AZENGAR® (Estampe matte) QUARTZ-ZINC® (smoked gray), ANTHRA-ZINC® (anthracite black) 4 different PIGMENTO® (wood bark, lichen green, ash blue, earth red) Non-standard according to the needs and size of the project PIGMENTO® surfaces can also be made.
Specific weight: 7.2 cm³
Standard sheet / coil widths: 50/65/100 cm
Standard thickness: 0.70 mm (Roof)
Standard thickness: 0.80 mm (facade)

3Quality Assurance Certificates

EN 988, PREMIUMZINC, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001, CE, LEED, BREEAM, HQE


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