Patterned Facade Coating | TTC Flex

Acrylic based, patterned, flexible exterior coating.

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It can be used on most new and old surfaces of buildings such as concrete, plaster, brick, plywood, galvanized or anti-rust metal, residential constructions, commercial and industrial buildings, bridge facades, columns and beams.

• It is extremely resistant to UV rays, maintains its flexibility in temperatures between -20 ° C and +50 ° C and does not lose its flexibility over time,
• Long-lasting, does not get dirty easily,
• With its breathing feature, it allows water vapor to be expelled without damaging the surface, at the same time prevents the formation of carbonation and protects the reinforcement in the concrete by preventing CO2 diffusion,
• It has the feature of covering and bridging fine cracks that may occur with its high elasticity and high tensile strength.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, TS 7847