Sinus PUR-PIR Wall Panel

The sinus as a hidden screw type of panel, provides new technical and easthetic solutions for your projects. In addition, it is installed as complementary with semi sinus panel and hidden screw wall panel. PUR insulated sinus wall panel provides heat, sound and water insulation and also provides fire resistance with PIR insulation.

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• Insulation Thicknesses: 50-60-80-100 mm
• Insulation Density: PUR 40 (±2) kg/m3 / PIR 42 (±2) kg/m3
• Metal Thicknesses/Interior Sheet/PPGI: 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
• Metal Thicknesses/Exterior Sheet/PPGI: 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
• Thermal Conductivity Coefficent: λ = 0,022 W/mK
• Fire Resistance Class/PUR: B-s2, d0 EN 13501-1/ C-s2, d0 EN 13501-1
• Fire Resistance Class/PIR: B-s1, d0 EN 13501-1