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Plasterboard Group | Extreme

Brand: ABS Alçı

ABS Extreme is an outdoor coating plate that is used in the production of exterior walls with its special core resistant to water and moisture and its mattress made of glass fiber covering both surfaces. It can be used under all kinds of outdoor cladding materials such as metal cladding, wood cladding, wood cladding, decorative brick cladding. Thanks to ABS Extreme, when the outer walls are made with outdoor systems, the desired upper values are provided in the energy performance class according to the selected system. In addition to its high moisture resistance, ABS Extreme prevents mold formation due to its anti-microbial nature.

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Gypsum board Wall panel Thermal insulation board Glass-mat sheathing board Facade cladding panel Exterior sheathing
About the Product
1Application Area

- In outdoor wall systems,
- Under all kinds of metal coatings, waterproofing, wood coating, decorative brick coating,
- In ventilated space systems,
- On wet surfaces and areas with water risk,
- Can be used in all under eaves applications


Length: 2400 mm
• Width: 1200 mm
Thickness: 12.5 mm, 15 mm
Length: 2400 mm
• Average Weight: 11 kg / m², 13.5 kg / m²
• Surface Water Absorption 2 Hours (By Weight): <5% according to TS EN520
Edge Type: HR (Thin Edge) - KK (Blunt Edge)
• Fire Class: A1: Non-flammable building material according to TS EN 13501
Number of Plates in Palette: 50 pcs / pallet, 40 pcs / pallet
• Standard Type: GM - FH1R

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TS EN 15283-1 + A1 Plasterboards reinforced with fibers