Ceramic | Kalesinterflex Natural Stone

Brand: Kalebodur

Kalebodur carries the fascinating beauty of natural stones to exterior facades. Kalesinterflex Natural Stone Series, 100x300cm and 120x360cm in size, produced as 3mm and 5mm thin porcelain ceramics and offering a one-to-one natural stone appearance, adds a distinguished appearance to exteriors with its admirable visuality. Leccese, which are the most magnificent stones of Europe, offers a total of 6 different natural stone-like color alternatives of Brera and Pietra.

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Facade, interior, kitchen counter, laboratory bench

• Size: 120x360cm, 100x300cm
• Thickness: 3mm or 5mm
• Colors: Brera Cream, Leccese Dark Sand, Leccese Gray, Leccese Light Sand, Pıetra Blue and Pıetra Gray