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In the Marble Garden Biophilic Design Young Architects Competition, which Nevzat Sayın, Han Tümertekin and Brigitte Weber were jury members, the projects of the finalist architects were evaluated. Kerem Piker Architecture, Super Eight Studio, PIN Architects, Melike Altınışık Architects and DM Architects were shortlisted. PIN Architects won the 1st place and the awarded with the production. Architecture critic and curator Gökhan Karakuş from Emedya Design organized the competition and the exhibition.



The following criteria were expressed by the jury for the project of PIN Architects, which came first in the competition:
“It is understood that the design formed by combining natural and artificial data in a way to establish a tense object-space relationship is obtained with deep thought on function and material. The “structure” obtained in this way is in a position that we can perceive with all our senses”.


Salih Küçüktuna, Mert Sezer and Tuğçe Seda Mut, co-founders of PIN Architects, also explained their biophilic design processes as follows:
Mert Sezer: “The first thing that motivated us was the size of the difference between the raw material given to us in its raw form in nature and the final state it reaches to the consumer and the user. A texture in nature meets the user in a completely different way when it is a part of a rock. For this reason, by going down to the nature of the material, how it is found in its raw state, what kind of surface it is, what kind of texture it makes, how does it feel to the user and how it is experienced in its final form; we researched them first."
Tuğçe Seda Mut: “We aimed to make the person experience the biophilic design, that love and devotion to living and even non-living beings as a biophilic origin, by reinterpreting the existing material in order to make them feel in form during the design process. Therefore, factors such as texture, light and material in nature were taken into account in the form.”


Salih Küçüktuna: “As PIN Architecture, we have handled AKDOLAM product in two ways. The first is the natural properties of the material, and the second is that the material is actually a technological material. The most exciting and motivating feature of AKDOLAM product is that it is produced with technological possibilities and presented to the user in many different areas. Within the framework of these features, by integrating both the natural properties, composite structure and performance properties of the material into the design process, we ultimately turned it into a challenge both in terms of mass, architecture and as a carrier system, while on the other hand, we focused on a user experience."



  • Date:03 August 2017


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