Mechanical Loading Ramps | NovoDock L150

Brand: FGİ

Mechanical drawbridge dock leveller – Fixed or laterally sliding. Mechanical drawbridge dock levellers are used on external and internal loading bays. They are suitable for small variances in height differences between the vehicle bed by using an operating rod. When not in use, it is securely vertical attached to the loading bay. The leveller will be mounted at the ramp or in an optional rail profi le as a moveable version.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• The dock leveller is made of steel profi les and metal sheets
• The beam-reinforced platform and the hinged lip have an anti-slip surface made of tear plates.
• Simple user friendly operation
• Loading bay installation
• 60 kN dynamic load capacity
• Complies with EN 1398
• Lip with aluminium segments

ISO 9001