Hidraulic Loading Ramps | StepDock

Brand: FGİ

Hydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip. The StepDock was developed for a lorry to dock with closed rear doors. The rear doors are thus only opened when the lorry is already in the correct loading position, not already open a few meters in front of the loading bay. This ensures that the cold chain is not interrupted or additional manoeuvring operations can also be omitted. In addition, this system is perfect for preventing theft and for customs purposes.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• StepDock was developed based on both the NovoDock L530 and the NovoDock P1530. This ramp is inclined forward when it is in the parking position and there are opening niches for the trailer/case rear doors on the sides. In the NovoDock P1530 model, this detail is included in the platform.

ISO 9001