Hidraulic Loading Ramps | NovoDock L730i

Brand: FGİ

ISO dock levellers with high energy efficiency. The unique design of the NovoDock L730i ensures the best possible insulation of the loading area at all times. Even during loading, drafts cannot come under the dock leveller, thus preventing a thermal bridge.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• A self-supporting frame
• A platform with an integrated feed on roller bearings
• A hydraulic system for moving the platform and the feed
• An encapsulated insulation package
• A Novo i-Vision TA control unit
• Green Solution Product
• Completely insulated, encapsulated design
• ISO dock leveller model: impact forces are guided into the foundation slab
• Completely insulated, even during loading
• GreenPlus package standard – up to 70 % energy savings
• ErgoPlus package standard
• NCI on board
• Tail lift recess

ISO 9001