Hidraulic Loading Ramps | NovoDock EVO X

Brand: FGİ

Hydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip: The next generation of the dock leveller! X-TRA safety: IQ-Slide – intelligent telescopic lip follows the freight lorry. SLOD function – opening freight lorry doors safely. X-TRA silence: Alu-Slide – a smooth transition from the freight lorry to the dock leveller. Silence Plus – as silent as a cat...The new, optional coating on the EVO X dock leveller reduces the developers of noise by 85%.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• Power saving function that consumes more than 70% less energy
• LED user guide
• QuickDock function
• SLOD function
• IQ-Slide function including signal tone
• Maintenance interval indicator
• IP65 and RoHS compliance

ISO 9001