Door Seals | NovoSeal VS250

Brand: FGİ

The seal with a handy loading ramp specially developed for delivery vans. Due to the strong growth of internet commerce, there has been a rapid increase in the use of small delivery vans for delivering packages in inner city areas. In most cases, these packages are very sensitive to handle. Furthermore, the huge variety of different delivery van shapes and sizes requires the seal between the van and the building to be highly versatile. The NovoSeal VS 250 satisfi es these requirements perfectly.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• Frame construction of pre-galvanized steel
• Solid frame construction offers optimal positioning of the vertical cushions
• All cushions are coated with a durable synthetic fabric for optimum sealing and durability
• All cushions are made of a fl exible foam material
• The roof structure has an integrated rain gutter
• Specially developed for small delivery vans
• Manually height-adjustable horizontal cushion
• Finned cushions for a perfect lateral seal
• Ideal for cross-docking

ISO 9001