Door Seals | NovoSeal S430

Brand: FGİ

Flexible aluminium dock shelter. Collapsible dock shelters protect against draughts, rain and wind. They provide excellent sealing between heavy goods vehicle and building and protect against heat loss and possible damage to the cargo. The built in rain water channel deflects water from the roof to the outside of the shelter.

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Factory, logistics warehouses, loading areas, warehouses, heavy industry

• Aluminium frame profiles in the front and steel in the back
• Curtain backing fabric from high-quality polyester with excellent stability, coated on both sides
• Top and side curtains from two-layered polyester
• Flame retartdent according to DIN 75200, high tear resistance
• Built in rain water channel
• Collapsible frame
• Fexible roof construction
• Frame construction with aluminium profiles
• Galvanized steel bracing arms
• Designed for universal use

ISO 9001