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Upper Air UV-C Disinfection Fixture | Ceiling Mount

Brand: Philips

Part of the Philips range of surface-mounted UV-C disinfectors, the Philips Upper Air ceiling mount UV-C is designed to be installed in suspended ceilings for air disinfection in a wide variety of applications. Optimized for low ceiling heights, UV-C rays are dispersed at device level and beyond. UV-C rays are controlled by specific reflectors and louver design. This, while disinfecting the air in an area, ensures the continuity of daily work below where the device is active. The Philips UV-C wall-mounted overhead ventilation fixture has neutralized 99.99% of the SARS-COV-2 virus in room air, which causes COVID-19 disease, within 10 minutes. The virus fell below the detectable level in the 20th minute.

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About the Product

• Philips PL-S TUV lamp included: 4x9 W
• Short-wave UV radiation with a peak of 253.7 nm (UVC)
• Louvers and reflector control the distribution of UV-C at device level and beyond where people are not usually present
• Surface mounting in suspended ceiling