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Interact Office | Controllable Office Lighting System

Brand: Philips

Interact Office is a dynamic office lighting system that combines sensors with sensing abilities such as motion, daylight, person tracking, humidity and temperature, and lighting fixtures that will provide the most accurate level and color of lighting for offices. This system, which also allows data collection from office areas, is ideal for the offices of the future. It provides lighting and environment control via devices such as computers or phones.

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About the Product
1Application Area

All workspaces


• Take full control of the lighting across many floors, buildings or facilities with the lighting management software whenever and wherever you want. The intuitive panel gives you insight into lighting usage and allows you to remotely improve lighting operation.
• All the information you need to reduce lighting costs and CO2 emissions in your office building or your entire business is stored in the data collected through the connected lighting system. Reduce unnecessary lighting and other services with daylight collection and space occupancy determination. Identify and close unused zones and floors with insights into space use.
• Connected LED lighting and Interact Office Landscape management take the office environment to the next level. Set lighting schedules or dimming schedules. Increase employee well-being by providing personalized lighting via a smartphone app. Introduce employees to different light patterns to focus and develop ideas together.
• Space management software collects and analyzes data on the use of space in the building, revealing how office space has been used over time. All you have to do is use these tips to create a working environment that meets the needs of your business. Proper space management means reducing building and space costs without sacrificing efficient workspace and employee engagement.
• Where exactly is the nearest workspace or meeting room? What about the coffee machine? Or IT help desk? Interact Office helps your employees wherever they go, using lighting infrastructure and real-time space usage data. Precise indoor orientation information opens up many other applications and makes a difference in employee performance and experience.
• Get the most out of your biggest investment, people, with Interact Office bioadaptive lighting. Different light intensity levels and color temperatures adapt to the body's circulatory rhythm, making it feel good, motivate the team and increase performance.
• Quality and reliable lighting is vital for comfort and employee performance in offices. We can monitor and manage the lighting in your entire office through Interact Office Managed services. A remote diagnostic board alerts us to immediate response in case of malfunctions and outages. Based on real-time performance data, we can perform predictive maintenance and automatically distribute manufacturer and other software updates.