Unica Switches & Sockets

A flexible, attractive and features-rich wiring device range that comes in a variety of designs and finishes, featuring more than 150 practical functions.

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All interiors

• Mechanisms: In addition to standard switch-socket functions, it also has mechanisms such as fast (18W, 45W, 65W) USB charging sockets, Wi-fi repeater.
• Unica Studio Colors: Make a choice that suits your style with standard white, cream, aluminum, anthracite, colors or more assertive and vibrant colors.
• Unice Studio Metal: Capture high quality in a variety of colors, including gold.
• Unica Pure: Achieve an ideal aesthetic for luxury interiors with materials such as wood, stone, rubber.
• Unica Pro: Combine all functions with frames of 8 and 10 modules and also make a difference in design.

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