Odace Switches & Sockets

Odace switch and socket series are designed for rooms that attract attention. Offering a variety of designs and practical accessories, Odace allows you to mix and match colors and mechanisms to ensure that the interior of your home suits you.

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All interiors

• Odace Styl: Feel the nature. Circle or square? Classic or modern? Nature-loving city dwellers will enjoy this wood-toned color palette and especially materials produced from sustainable sources.
• Odace Touch: Offers anthracite and aluminum coating options for an elegant, relaxing experience.
• Odace You: Personalize your interior. Odace track gives you the chance to change the look of your key according to your taste and mood.
• Odace Wiser: Smart switch adapts to your rhythm. This wireless system, which is simple to install and does not require assembly, will soon become indispensable for your home. With Odace Wiser, you can easily change the ambience of your environment whenever you want.

CE, Green Premium