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Floor Drains

Brand: Metusan

It is part of the rain water and sewer system. Its purpose is to prevent solid wastes from entering the drainage lines.

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Gray cast iron drain Drain Floor drain
About the Product
1Application Area

Floor, basement, parking lot, etc.


Cast iron


If the floor drains are to be connected to the drainage line, they should be selected from the types that have odor siphon or by the installation of an additional siphon at the point where the line is connected to the sewage line, the stenches should be prevented from coming out of the floor drains.

If there is waterproofing on the surface where the ground strainer is mounted, types with waterproof connection collar should be selected.

In case of heavy load traffic (bridges and viaducts, hangars, factories, forklift sites) at the application site, types of ground strainer carrying heavy loads should be selected in accordance with this purpose.

The selection of the diameter of the drain pipe, the calculation of surface water in open areas, the rainwater load should also be taken into account.

The top grids of the floor filters can be selected from the cast iron, aluminum brass, bronze, stainless steel and their polished, matt or painted varieties in our production list.

4Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001:2015

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