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Slot Drainage System

Brand: Metusan

Drainage of very large hard surfaces, such as airports, requires the rapid control of large amounts of rain water. Drainage grilles may break for any reason and require maintenance and repair. The reliable design of Slot Slot Drain systems allows the drainage of large amounts of rainwater, in the required load carrying class and without the use of a drainage grid.

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About the Product
1Application Area

In areas where water, wastewater and sewage systems are needed, roads, parking areas etc. can be used in all kinds of surface infrastructure drainage.




- Installation is quick and easy. Each unit is shipped in one piece, assembled in itself.
- Safe risk of foreign matter escape is minimized.
- Resistant to impact and corrosion.
- Provides a clean and aesthetic appearance.
- Self-cleaning, low maintenance.

Only the metal lips of the Slot Drain system are exposed and exposed. These lips are galvanized or stainless steel. Other parts of the system are buried in the concrete and provide the load bearing and durability of the concrete in which it is located. Thus, it is especially suitable for airports with overload traffic, par areas with heavy cargo traffic, ports, warehouses, truck and railway logistics centers.

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