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Fire Resistant Wooden Hospital Door

Hygiene, safety and movement are important elements in the hospital sector. The importance of using wooden fire doors in such buildings is gradually increasing. In these buildings where the human density is high, the patient room doors, fire or emergency exit doors are fire resistant to ensure the safety of life by preventing flames and fumes that may leak during a possible fire. Indoor Life has developed a collection of EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120 min fire and smoke resistant wooden interior doors that have been tested and certified in test laboratories by experts specially designed for buildings used for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Room Doors
• School & Dormitory Gates
• Hotel & Residence Doors
• Hospital Doors
• 12 Floors and Above High-Rise Buildings
• Doors Used for Meeting Purposes
• Machinery and Data Processing Rooms
• Office Workshop and Warehouses




• Hidden door closer
• Fire resistant guillotine
• Fire and smoke resistant wick
• Fire resistant culvert
• Fire resistant glass
• Heat-swellable glass wick
• Electronic door handle or normal door handle
• 38 DB sound wick
• 42/48 mm casing
• 51/58 mm wing thickness
• 30/60 minutes fire resistant certificate
• Applicable fire resistance periods in models: EI30 - EI60 - EI90 - EI120