Fire Resistant Wooden Door

Fire doors are the most important part of passive fire precautions that ensure the safety of people and property. It is of vital importance in controlling the fire, reducing the damage that may occur and the possible financial loss. It creates a safe volume by preventing the fire from spreading. Wooden doors, which have the most fire resistance, play a big role at this point. Wooden fire doors, which are fire-resistant and produced in accordance with all norms, stand out with their durability. It is produced as fire resistant between 30, 60 and 90 minutes according to the place and purpose of use.

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Room Doors
• School & Dormitory Gates
• Hotel & Residence Doors
• Hospital Doors
• 12 Floors and Above High-Rise Buildings
• Doors Used for Meeting Purposes
• Machinery and Data Processing Rooms
• Office Workshop and Warehouses


• Hidden door closer
• Fire resistant guillotine
• Fire and smoke resistant wick
• Fire resistant culvert
• Fire resistant glass
• Heat-swellable glass wick
• Electronic door handle or normal door handle
• 38 DB sound wick
• 42mm case
• 51mm wing thickness
• 30 minutes fire resistant certificate
• Applicable fire resistance periods in models: EI30 - EI60 - EI90 - EI120