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Magnetic Steel Sliding Door System | 0G Zero

Brand: Secco

Zero gravity, zero friction, zero effort! Lifting sliding systems met the architects' demands in terms of weight, width and height, but it was not that comfortable to use these products for the end user. For this reason, we first added engines to the systems. But this meant dependence on electric current for each gate. We discovered it while we were looking for a product that we are not dependent on motors and electricity, that we can meet the wishes of the architects, but that the end user can use very comfortably. What if the weight of the product didn't matter? What if friction didn't matter? As a result, OG magnetic sliding systems were born ... Towards a completely different experience with zero weight and zero friction thanks to Ironlev magnetism transport system ...

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About the Product
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• İronlev patent is a passive magnet technology. Thanks to these passive magnets, huge weights can be carried on a very thin rail. Thanks to this technology similar to the natural floating of a ship on water, huge sliding doors move as if flying through the air.
• Very large loads can be moved with a little effort. Moreover, neither motor nor electricity is needed.
• Zero Threshold Conveying System: Beside these many features, the MV system is offered as completely zero threshold. Thus, there is no obstacle between indoor and outdoor.
• All kinds of problems can be easily intervened with its fully ground cover.
• It allows all kinds of architectural designs with many different opening schemes.
• It is possible to pass an opening of 18 meters x 6 meters with a sliding door, using a system consisting of 6 wings with a height of up to 6 meters and a width of up to 3 meters. With a load capacity of 1000 kg, glass load is no longer a problem.