Round Automatic Sliding Doors

Brand: Gilgen

They are curved sliding door systems known as circular or curved photocell doors.

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• Arc-shaped circular automatic sliding door applications: These are the doors that complete the gap in the door gaps left in the facades with large radius and are manufactured to the exact size of the gap. It is possible to be applied in two directions or one direction, fixed or unfixed.
• Semi-circular automatic sliding door applications: Semi-circular automatic automatic sliding doors, which can be used as a complement to a curved facade or to create a convex or convex entrance on a flat facade, can be manufactured in many different radiuses and provide rich solution possibilities.
• Fully circular automatic sliding door applications: Fully circular automatic sliding doors with a double door principle and a spoiler function, in a structure suitable for use in buildings with high circulation pedestrian traffic, ceiling construction, fixed and movable wings in almost every building with a wide doorway in almost every building. It is a total door solution in the building.