Automatic Telescopic Doors

Brand: Gilgen

It provides wider passage distances by gathering and opening the two wings on top of each other. One-way and two-way movement is available. It is especially preferred in corridors.

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• One-way telescopic automatic sliding doors: One way telescopic sliding doors are systems that provide extra opening distance in application areas with minimum 1750mm width. As with normal single-wing automatic sliding door, the total distance of minimum 1750mm mechanism length can be divided into three parts instead of opening approximately 825mm, and it can provide 1100mm net opening distance by dividing the two dynamic wings onto each other and then on the third part fixed wing or existing facade. One-way telescopic sliding doors have a minimum opening distance of 1100mm and a maximum opening distance of 3000mm.
• Double-wing telescopic automatic sliding doors: In two-way telescopic systems, two wings can be shifted in both directions instead of one to the right and one to the left. The system, which slides on top of each other and moves over the fixed areas, requires a minimum width of 2200mm. Standard double-leaf doors can open 1050mm at 2200mm with minimum applicability, while double-track telescopic systems can provide a net passage width of 1400mm. The minimum passage width of the two-way telescopic sliding doors can be 1400mm and the maximum passage width can be 4000mm.